Digital Product Blueprint
Is the best of what Eben has learned creating millions with Digtial Products

Eben has created a "step by step" program, so that anyone creating a information product can plug and play, and create a digital product that is in demand. It was last year that Eben created the "Product Creation" course. It was quite a success. So it will be open again for the fall of 2016. Get on the notifcation list, because there will be lots of free training during the Pre-Launch. Starting on Sept 15

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Our Digital Product Blueprint Bonus

We are offering the bonuses below for purchasing Digital Product Blueprint through this link only!

Bonus #1

WP Media Creator:

A WordPress Plugin that creates web friendly images (Open Graph Templates) for Facebook and other social media platforms.

Bonus #2

Online Business Management Ebook & Check-list Series:

1 - How to create systems for your business - streamline tasks. 2- Managing Your Business Competition

Bonus #3

Outsourcing Buddy:

An in-depth 30+ video training course designed to get you setup with a Google friendly WordPress website.

Bonus #4

Website Set-up & Hosting

We will setup and host (1 full year) basic a WordPress website for the new digital product you create. Site will include a current WP theme and basic color scheme. Major graphics extra. Full details upon purchase of Digital Product Blueprint from this page.

How To Find The Perfect "Big" Idea

Have you ever wanted to take your experience, knowledge, story, and create a unique product that you can monetize?

We've all had that moment when we thought about that perfect product or concept, springing from our own life experiences.
...But what do you need to get started? When the majority of people decide to create a digital product, they begin by imagining the "widest audience" possible, then creating a product that tries to reach everyone possible.
What you really should be doing is "narrowing" your target audience. This does seem counter-intuitive, because you will be targeting a smaller group of people.
...Less people less sales - right? Well let's see?

When you "narrow your niche" you actually target a group that is more motivated, and more likely to buy your product.

On your way to your creating that "Big Idea" try asking these questions:
1 - Is your target audience motivated? Looking for strong emotional reasons that might motivate them.
2 - Are they searching for a solution? This would be a sub-group of people actively looking for information and solutions...looking for you!
3- Are they having a difficult time finding the right answers?
Using the sub-group from question 2 ask yourself if they are finding good quality answers online?
When you really "get" the answers to the first two questions ...this is your niche.

Eben's first video in the Digital Product Blueprint Training Series comes with an exercise sheet you can download and work through. If you haven't already signed up,  go here and get it. If you already have then watch the video and do the exercise.

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Digital Product?

Your Big Idea is the seed that becomes your digital product.
You use your digital product to establish your online business.
Your online business provids the earnings to fund your perfect lifestyle.
Your lifestyle then gives you the freedom you need to make that contribution and impact you desire to make in the world.

The newest icon of success is an online business. When I first started, no one
seemed to think that an online business was much of big thing. But now, when people
hear that I have real online business, they say "Oh!" - and want to discover more.
If you take a moment and think about it, you'll realize that there are people all
around the globe, right now, who are searching online for the information that
you have in your noggin.
Just for a minute visualize them, people facing challenges in their lives, and going to their computers to search for remedies and information.
What are they finding?
Are the answers that they are discovering as good as the answers you could provide? What People Are Searching for

Here's a tip:

Create the outline of your digital product based on exactly what people are searching for online - this way, when you tell them about it, the product virually "sells itself".
When you create your first digital product, and someone buys it and uses it to uncover what they need to know, you, yourself will also have a big "ah-ha!" moment:
You will see that you can create a book, audio course, or other program that goes out
and "does the teaching for you." And you also realize that rather than you having to go physically, you can send your product to execute the teaching. This frees up a tremendous amount of your time that you can then invest in developing your next product, and so on.
When you create your first digital product, and someone buys it and uses it to uncover what they need to know, you, yourself will also have a big "ah-ha!" moment:
You will see that you can create a book, audio course, or other program that goes out and "does the teaching for you." And you also realize that rather than you having to go physically, you can send your product to execute the teaching. This frees up a tremendous amount of your time that you can then invest in developing your next product, and so on.
When I created my first digital product, which is an ebook, it changed my life.
The book was doing the teaching, and I was establishing my business.
When I created my second digital product, my business doubled immediately. And each product after that has become almost like its own little enterprise running within my business, teaching people around the world, and adding value to my business and my revenue.

Here's another tip:

When you launch your second digital product, promote it as an "upsell" to customers who are in the process of buying your first product. If you do it right, an
amazing number of them will take this extra sale, and it becomes "found money" to your business and your profit.

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What You Will Learn With This Program

  • How To Identify Profitable Niches. Whether this is your first product or trying to create your next opportunity
  • How To Create The Digital Product
  • How To Package it
  • Create the marketing for it
  • Methods to Get Traffic and customers
  • ...And how to bulild long-term profitable funnels

Digital Product Blueprint System

Here's A Peak At The Training

Module 1 - Orientation Fast Start:

  • I’ll be giving you a live overview of the Digital Product Blueprint System and walking you through the different components showing you exactly how and when to use each one
  • I’ll share some very important mindsets that you’ll need to succeed and have fun during our journey through this program together
  • You’ll learn how to set yourself up to get the most from this training over the next 90 days and beyond
Module 2 - Orientation Fast Start:

  • A complete system to find, select and narrow possible niches so you find the “sweet spot” where you can create a product that will sell itself – and don’t waste money on unprofitable ideas
  • How to take your niche and carve out an entire category. Doing this can instantly makes you the industry leader and makes it virtually impossible for your competition to be successful
  • The step-by-step process to create your ideal customer avatar so you have laser focus when building your product and doing your marketing
Module 3 - Creating Your Product:

  • Learn 7 powerful knowledge frameworks that make creating a high quality product your customers will love to buy a quick, easy and fun process
  • Not all products are equal – discover advanced product design strategies so you can command a premium price for any product you create
  • How to increase the value of your product by giving it the right name. (Note: many customers will judge your product by what you name it, it’s important you get this right)
Module 4 - Building Your Marketing:

  • You’ll get a complete crash course in how to get new customers using “Education based marketing, so you don’t have to rely on any dishonest or unethical sales & marketing tactics
  • I’ll walk you through how to use my proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks, and you’ll have ready to use, winning marketing
  • How to turn your own story and experiences into the biggest asset you have when marketing your products
Module 5 - Launching Your Product

  • The counter-intuitive technique I have used to generate hordes of traffic in every launch I’ve done. I’ll show you what it is and exactly how to deploy it in your business
  • How to approach new partners and get them excited to say, “YES” to promoting you and your product launch
  • How to architect an irresistible product offer that makes it easy for your customers to enroll in your product during your launch
Module 6 - Email Mastery

  • How to create and set up the ultimate email follow up sequence for your business to convert the leads you have into buyers
  • Get my highest converting email templates so you know exactly how to write emails that will not only provide value, but allow you to offer your products
  • Several simple techniques, tricks and hacks that will make writing emails fun and easy and FAST.

Eben's Current Bonuses

Here's What He Is Giving Away

Wake Up Productive

Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that I guarantee will double your productivity.

Marketing Step By Step

Master marketing so you can get as many customers as you need for your business.

TechTool Trainings

The Tech Tool Trainings, will take you step-by-step, and click-by-click through 12 of the most important technology tools online.